School year 22-23: The Futures Begin Today

The school year started just two weeks ago and the buzz around new projects is already in the air. Last year, we completed the validation of the Primary Education Program, making us the only school in Barcelona with the IB continuum. In July came the excellent results obtained by the Diploma students and we received the STEM teaching innovation award for the Interdisciplinary Unit on Artificial Intelligence that we taught in Year 6 for two weeks.

We returned from vacation at the end of August with a suitcase full of new projects and renewed spaces. Let us explain some of them so that you can imagine what awaits us in the near future.

Futures Literacy Lab

As introduced by Miss Noelle Roces at the welcome fair, our Futures Literacy Lab (FLB) takes the form of lab workshops and experimentation. The goal is to foster futures literacy, the ability (recognized and encouraged by UNESCO) to read the signs of the present in order to frame the future. We invite you to read the introductory news about FLL. In October there will be workshops for parents, students, teachers and interested external participants, and we will be visited by Peter Bishop, one of the leading figures in Futures Studies.

Agreement with the Blockchain Centre of Catalonia (CBCat)

Before the end of the course, an agreement was signed with the CBCat, which will allow, after a previous study and analysis, to use Blockchain technology for the certificates and portfolios of our students, making us pioneers in the use of this technology to verify qualifications. More information here.

Pilot Project for the use of Edulyzer

St PETER’S will be one of the few schools in Spain, Finland, Estonia and Germany to participate in a pilot project to improve the well-being of our community. To gather information, we will use Edulyzer, an application that will help us make better and faster decisions, while listening to all the voices of the community. More information here.

New Exponential Learning projects

As every year, our team of teachers has prepared new projects that foster skill acquisition and awareness of the speed of scientific and technological change. We will see students designing microsatellites and vertical turbines for wind energy production. They will be re-launching a balloon into the stratosphere and designing the city of the future on Mars. We will hear them debate and negotiate in the Model European Parliament and Model United Nations as well as explain their passions and visions for the future in the TEDEd club.

St PETER’S goes International

This year we will be visited by schools from the UK (Myddelton College), Stockholm, Denmark, Ireland, and the USA. We will be joined by future teachers from various countries, who will bring their own vision of education, helping us grow together.

IB School Network

The network of local schools in Catalonia and Andorra is now consolidated. From St PETER’S we will offer professional development courses, both for members of this local network and for any other interested professional. We are committed to this network learning approach.

Our Community Project is consolidating

This year we have organized numerous events, morning coffees, fairs, and opportunities to better connect. Stay tuned on Classlist and through the web. We’ll start on October 6th with a workshop on the Future of Education given by Peter Bishop, and follow up with a tour of the Gothic Quarter. We’ll keep you posted!

These are just some of the projects we’ll be looking at this year, but they won’t be the only ones. We work enthusiastically to imagine possible futures!



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