School Life

PreU Programs

University Advising

The Career advising team at St PETER’S SCHOOL works closely with each of our students and their families. During their Diploma Program years, it is an exciting and rewarding experience to see how hard they work and how successful they are at the end of the journey. All our students are accepted at the universities of their choice.

In order for the last part of the journey to be successful, our advising team starts working with students during our Middle Years Program, offering advising sessions, workshops, and coaching to accompany them in their journey to career-choosing and university application. Curriculum advising is also a core part of the program, as students need to identify their fields of interest and their future curricular options. The Unifrog app is available for students to delve deeper into each of their interests and during university hunting.

We also provide university information sessions where students interact with national and international university representatives and gain knowledge about the range of different undergraduate programs available. Individual or small meetings with families are also incorporated in the program as an opportunity to offer individualized guidance and support.

Student Placement

Each year we offer our Diploma students the opportunity to make a difference by undertaking a week-long placement in a company designated by our CAS coordinators. It’s the first time they’ve been in a real business setting, so it’s the first step toward learning about the world of business and determining their future options.

CAS (Creativity, Action, Service)

As part of their CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) core component, our diploma students participate in a volunteer program. Our teacher, Jordi Miranda, serves as the Volunteering Project’s coordinator and works with the students to provide them with a diverse range of possibilities and coordinate their projects with several NGOs and organizations such as  Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Save the Children, Action Against Hunger, Caputxins de Sarrià,  Barcelona PID Foundation, Arrels or Casal dels Infants. 

These school’s activities are planned in conjunction with the whole community. We organize non-profit fundraising for various causes chosen by the students and their teachers each school year. Our objective is that our students become agents of change who work toward a better world.


Summer Camps

Summer programmes in English to children born from 2023 to 2009