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Afterschool Hub

After School Activities Hub

For the new school year, our Hub is getting stronger and more powerful than ever. We have 4 hubs of afterschool activities: Sports Hub, Thinkers Hub, Language Hub and Creative Hub. All activities have been designed so that our students and families can thrive, discover new talents and passions, play sports, develop new skills and enjoy themselves.

You can find activities both for children and for parents. Our Language Hub offers Spanish and English for Adults.

Our Afterschool Hub is open to everyone. 

Summer Camps

St. Peter’s School Barcelona offers your children the opportunity to choose among different summer camps depending on their grade level, from a Leadership and Creative Programme in La Molina to different options in Barcelona for children ages 1 to 14 years old.

In our Summer Camps, the children make new friends, explore new activities and create memories that last forever while they catch up with their English. Take a look at all the different summer programs offered.