School life


Student Council

Primary students participate in an electoral process to elect their representatives throughout the stage. This activity is complementary to the Unit of Inquiry that brings students closer to different political systems, and serves as an action to improve the school community.

Brain Awareness Week

Students across the school take part in a range of neuroscience-related activities, from Foundation Years to Diploma.

First Lego League Challenge

It is an international robotics competition organized by First, for primary and secondary school students. It is celebrated in the month of February and teams prepared by their mentors participate in Catalonia. Not only the quality of the missions completed by the robots is valued, but also teamwork and communication skills.

Model European Parliament

Regional, National and European editions.

The Model European Parliament is an educational program whose objective is to promote awareness of European citizenship and the culture of constructive parliamentary debate, where students have the opportunity to investigate different current European issues, give their opinion, present proposals, and reach to be parliamentarians for a few days, at regional, national and European level. St. Peter’s is the headquarters of the MEP Catalonia.

SMUN (Singularity Model United Nations)

This edition of the United Nations Model places the participating students from different countries in the hypothetical scenario of 2030. Converted into United Nations delegates, they have to seek solutions to the challenges presented at the conference.


Through the United Nations Model, our students travel to the United Nations’ headquarters, in New York, and become delegates representing different member countries of the UN.

CICAE debate leagues

In English and Spanish.

The CICAE group of private schools organizes an annual debate league in English and Spanish. Students discuss a current issue and have to prepare arguments for and against.

Philosophy Olympiad of Catalonia

Each year our Year 10 and Diploma students prepare to participate in the Ethical Dilemma and Dissertation modalities. The finalists participate in the National Olympiad, and if they are also finalists, they can reach the International Philosophy Olympiad.


Together with the UPC, we organize a GameJam in which the participants design a video game and develop it in a limited time, 48 hours.

4 Voices (Public Speaking Competition)

Public Speaking Competition in which critical thinking, confidence and cultural understanding are promoted.

Ted Education Club

TED-Ed Students Talks aim to help our students discover, explore, and present big ideas in short, TED-style talks. Our school is validated by TED. Year 9 and 10 students participate in this initiative as part of their Community Project.

Exchange with Wellington School

Columbus, Ohio.

Year 11 students have the opportunity to participate in a ten-day exchange with Wellington School students. In October, successful candidates stay with the family of a Wellington student. In March, Columbus students visit St. Peter’s students. As part of the exchange, a visit to Washington DC is included.

Kangaroo Mathematics Competition

The Kangaroo tests are a pre-university maths competition that is organized in more than 30 countries, with the aim of bringing mathematics closer to the youngest and trying to arouse their interest through problems. These are multiple-choice math tests that are taken all over the world on the same day.

Maths challenge

Year 6 and 7 students take part in a Maths Challenge where they have to solve real life maths problems and prove that maths can be fun. They have to apply their knowledge to solve real-life problems, using logic, arranging pieces to get a specific shape, adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying, being as fast as they can with math and, of course, cooperating with their teams. Other collaborating schools can also participate in the challenge.


Summer Camps

Summer programmes in English to children born from 2023 to 2009