Why St Peter’s

IB Continuum

St Peter’s is the only school in Barcelona to offer the IB Continuum in English in all stages of education: Early and Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programme.

Innovative School Project

We have designed a unique school project that is adapted to the demands of the 21st century: exponential learning. Our methodology nurtures the students’ passion for learning.

International school

Our students and staff members have different cultural backgrounds. At St Peter’s, our community represents 42 nationalities. Many of them stay with us throughout their entire education.

Leaders in innovation

Our Open Innovation Committee (OIC) ensures that our Educational Project is state-of-the-art. We have been the first school to include topics like blockchain, artificial intelligence, neuroscience or nanoscience in our curriculum.

Preschool science Lab

We are the only school in Cataluña with a science lab for preschool children. Our objective: foster the passion for science, discovery and exploration in the early ages. 

We prepare students for real life

We educate our students to face the challenges of life. A stack of certificates is no longer valid; we need to educate students to think critically, be open-minded and develop the skills and confidence they need to thrive and make a lasting difference for them, the society and the world we live in. 

Disruptive staff

Our teachers are the architects of learning excellence. They have been trained in the most innovative methodologies and subject knowledge. They collaborate with ongoing projects in the field of economics, science and technology and they are aware of the ethical debates that surround the disruptive changes that already shaping our society. 

Connected and committed community

We offer several ways for our families to connect and become members of the community. Families can join us from the moment they start the admission process until the students graduate. 

The Good Schools Guide International review

” Students leave with an intellectual curiosity and a strong sense of community “

March, 2022

Admissions Process

St PETER’S SCHOOL St Peter’s School has a policy of continuous enrolment, which means we accept applications and enrol students throughout the year, depending on available seats and the applicant profile. During February and March, the school holds In-Person and Virtual Open Days, a fantastic opportunity to learn more about our school project. For September admissions, we encourage you to apply by February.

Please complete the application form and begin your child’s education journey at St Peter’s. For questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us at +34 93 204 36 12.

The three phases of the admissions procedure are as follows:

1. Personal Interview with the family

The admissions team will be in charge of interviewing the family and the student candidate. This first meeting will serve to familiarise them with the philosophy of the school and allow them to better understand the programs offered, and see if the school model fits the student’s needs. In case your family is still abroad, we also offer virtual interviews. 

2. Candidate Assessment

Candidate assessment is based on the following criteria: a personal interview with the potential candidate, an academic transcript from your child’s previous school and references from the student’s previous school. When necessary, the candidate will undertake an entrance test. 

Candidates with learning difficulties, social-emotional or other specific needs, must communicate this to the admissions team at the time of initiating the application

It is mandatory to fulfil the points mentioned above for children to be accepted. 

3. Acceptance and Enrolment

Students accepted to the school must fill out additional documentation before being able to start their classes, in addition to paying the corresponding tuition and other pertinent payments previously specified. In the event that there is no place once the student is accepted, the admissions team will work to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Preference will be given to families who already are at school, and to students with brilliant references.

Meet our Admissions Team

Carme Escorcia
Admissions Officer

Mónica Frouchtman
Admissions Officer

Sara Ginjaume
Admissions Assistant


International School Advisor
International School Advisor
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We could not choose a better school than St Peter for our son, in just one year he is able to speak and understand english (his level was super poor when he started). This was thanks to the amazing teachers really looking after him by always supporting and taking care of him. We really love the atmosphere, the attention and the program followed by the school and also the facilities and extra school activities are on a very high level! My son is so happy to be part of ST Peter because he feels part of something special and the same is valid for us as parents! I would recommend the school to everyone looking for the best school in town! 


World Schools
World Schools
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We choose St. Peter’s as we were drawn by its vision and mission, to nurture students with a love for life-long learning, and making meaningful contributions to society. Adapting to a new country as a family is challenging but the professionalism of the St. Peter`s family eased it for us where our child’s education is concerned. Our child enjoys going to school and we are very impressed and appreciative of the efforts and dedication of the teachers and staff, in ensuring a loving and safe environment for our child to develop and prosper. The teachers and staff constantly project and enthusiastic outlook for the betterment of the students, see every child with parents. We saw how they rose to the occasion as an institution in overcoming the challenge of the lockdown last year and this ongoing pandemic. Our child looks forward and speaks fondly on his school experiences daily and we thank the St. Peter’s family for this.

Haryana Yahya

Google Reviews
Google Reviews
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I had a great time in St. Peter's School for the last two years! They foster activities beyond the school curriculum such as MUN and MEP. I had the great opportunity to participate in these activities. Moreover, the food was also exceptional, both breakfast and lunchtime. They also provide scholarships to study IB, which is an excellent opportunity for those who need it the most. This shows their commitment to help talented people, yet due to their background they cannot afford it. I was one of them and I cannot express more gratitude for having this enormous opportunity. In a nutshell, great facilities, lovable teachers and unforgettable friendships.

Jerico Neil Agdan Papasin

International Schools DataBase
International Schools DataBase
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"We chose St Peters School for our child, because when we arrived in Barcelona 3 years ago we wanted to take the opportunity to be bilingual (because we are both French). Children don't learn, they play (they don't get overloaded with grammar and dictations unlike the French program), they learn to write, read, express themselves, gain confidence, speak in front of others and put on shows. We also appreciate the wearing of the uniform. There are children of several nationalities in the class: from Germany, India, Italy, Brazil, China … we are very satisfied our child has become bilingual in a few months and is feeling very comfortable. The student is at the center of the school and of everyone's concern, there is a permanent exchange whether by email, daily report or orally between teachers, students, parents and the administrative team. 
The aim is to prepare children to become responsible adults. We appreciate having made this choice.”



Student testimonials

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“In Science, we learn about the main challenges the world is facing and we look for possible solutions”

Arnau, Middle Years Student

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"Our subjects always include an innovative approach. This year, for example, we have researched and learned about blockchain technology and its possible applications in the present and the future”

Helena, Middle Years Student

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"St. Peter’s School is a truly international school where we get to know students from different cultures, languages and beliefs. We are very diverse and it helps us to be more open-minded and respect our friends”

Luca, Primary Years student

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Maria Rosa Culell Scholarships

St PETER’S SCHOOL provides scholarships to students who wish to enrol in our IB Diploma Program and complete their baccalaureate at an international school each year.

These grants are merit-based and aim to support those students who have excellent academic and non-academic achievements. They intend to avoid limited resources being an obstacle to completing the two school years of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IBDP) at St PETER’S SCHOOL.

The application period for scholarships begins in November and ends in February. For the academic year 24-25, we have already assigned our scholarship!