Introducing our Futures Literacy Lab

Miss Noelle Roces introduces our #FuturesLiteracyLab. Our aim is to foster Futures Literacy in our students, empowering them to identify the signs of the future(s) in the present, so that they can help to design a better world.

In collaboration with the Curriculum Coordinator, Teresa Ferrer; the head of Education, Lourdes Barceló; and the teachers involved in the lab, we have designed a programme that will bring several opportunities to foster Futures Literacies. This programme includes the following events:

  • Futures of Education Workshop with Peter Bishop and our team of teachers, on the 6th of October. He is considered one of the fathers of Futures Literacy.You can watch one of Peter Bishop talks here.
  • A team of teachers will attend a conference in Trento that will gather the most prestigious specialists in Futures Studies. Further info:
  • June will close the year with a big event open to parents, teachers and other colleagues interested in Futures Studies.