St PETER’S to introduce Edulyzer as a pilot project to improve our community wellbeing

Edulyzer is a survey and analysis application for processing the data generated by school communities. It collects and analyses data about school activities that can be used to develop learning, school satisfaction, well-being and collective activities. St PETER’S will soon be using this app as part of a pilot project with few schools in Finland, Germany, and Spain.

One of the objective of Edulyzer is to help building school communities where everyone’s potential is seen and valued. In order to achieve this goal, Edulyzer collects data that matters, with only one question a day addressed to students age 12 to 18, parents or legal guardians, teachers, and members of the board.


What we loved more about Edulyzer is that is backup with current educational psychology research, and more specifically on motivational psychology. In the background, there are three theories in particular:
1) Dec’s and Ryan’s The theory of self-determination, at the heart of which is that people are motivated to be able to decide for themselves what they do
2) Eccels’ Expectation value theory, according to which people’s expectations and things they value create the basis for learning.
3) Goal Orientation Theory, on which Nicholls, Dweck and Pintrich has laid the foundation. The central theme of the theory is the differences between individuals in what motivates their learning, task orientation or self-orientation.
–Marjaana Veermans, professor, University of Turku

The following graph shows how data is gathered from learners, teachers, directors and guardians.

This real-time data gathering will allow us to make quicker and effective decisions, having listened to every voice in the school.



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