The power of community

Just as our curriculum is international, so are our parents and students. Joining an international school like St PETER’S means surrounding yourself with people from different cultures, with different languages, habits and beliefs. We are lucky to experience this richness of all our identities. We value this diversity as one of our main strengths, which helps us to develop respect and tolerance.

A balance between a dynamic and stable community at the same time gives us the opportunity to build lasting relationships, while welcoming new local and international friends every year. Connecting is the necessary energy for our families to feel valued, listened and well cared for. Through our Community Project, we aspire to make everyone (parents, students and teachers) feel welcome from the moment admission begins.

“Connection: Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgment.”

Brené Brown

St PETER’S community

With an objective to facilitate building this connection, we are committed to promoting face-to-face, multilingual activities that take us out of our comfort zone, inspire us to innovate and above all, that help us feel safe and supported from the moment we decide to join the St Peter’s community.

At St PETER’S we offer opportunities to foster this connection:

Team of ambassadors and class representatives

They are our support in welcoming and integrating you into your child’s class and community.


We want to inspire and empower parents and carers to provide healthy home environments, in which children can continue to thrive outside of school. We offer parents workshops and webinars throughout the year on topics such as early literacy, inquiry skills, positive behaviour guidance. When needed, our Support Centre can help families find specialist support and assistance.


We understand that apart from choosing a school, your family may need support to get to know the city and/or the country, as well as its traditions and customs. Our Admissions Team can recommend relocation and real estate agencies that can help you in your final steps related to moving.


We love having parents and family members participate in our classes. Parents can organize presentations or activities in collaboration with teachers, depending on their interest or area of ​​expertise. They can participate in reading groups with children, or in special projects such as International Day, Welcome Day in September, the Christmas fair, Halloween, the book fair, among many others.

Social events

Throughout the academic year we organize a series of social and cultural activities for parents that take place inside and outside of the school, thus providing opportunities to get to know each other better and integrate into the community. Some examples include a sports competition at the Bonasport Club, a cocktail on the terrace of a hotel on Paseo de Gracia, a walk through the center of Barcelona, ​​or a calçotada in the second term.


As a tool to promote communication and connection between families, we use Classlist – an app designed to socialize with other members of the community while respecting our privacy rights.

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