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In 1964, St PETER’S was the first international school in Barcelona to use English as a first language. Today, almost 60 years later, we continue to be a benchmark in education due to our innovative educational program, the excellence of our students, the quality of our teachers, and the commitment of our international community. This has been recognised by Forbes magazine, which ranked us as the number 1 school in Spain in its latest ranking.

Today, aware of the need for a change in the educational paradigm, at St PETER’S we are committed to a unique educational project, with three fundamental pillars: exponential science and technology, critical thinking, and connection with the world in which we live.

We are the only school in Catalonia with a science laboratory for children from 0 to 6 years old, the first to introduce subjects such as blockchain, nanoscience, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence in its curriculum, and the only school in Barcelona to offer the IB Continuum in English across all stages: Nursery, Primary, Middle Years  and Diploma Program.

At St PETER’S SCHOOL Barcelona we prepare our pupils to face the different challenges they will encounter. For this purpose, we seek to nurture critical and open-minded thinkers, who are prepared to live, study and work wherever they desire. 


The coming decades will bring an exponential technological revolution that will cause disruptive changes in society, affecting the way we live, work, learn and relate to others. Education will have a predominant role in this scenario. Schools, based on a model designed more than 100 years ago, have become obsolete and need to be adapted to the new paradigm. Students need to be equipped with the academic, personal and real-life skills they need to be individually successful while they contribute to society


To build a hub of knowledge that leads education in the direction of a new paradigm, in which its members understand that they have the opportunity to create a future where both individuals and the community can achieve success, but which also involves risks and uncertainty, and yet they still choose to take an active part in making it happen. 

To become a reference within the community, as a result of our model, which is based upon understanding each student, enabling them to think for themselves and providing them with the content which will help them in their inquiry. 

To extend and share our model with the education community as a whole. 

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St PETER'S SCHOOL has a wide range of policies to ensure consistent, clear standards and practices as well as a safe and effective running of the school. We are committed to ensuring our students' safety as well as their physical and emotional wellbeing. We also believe that parents need to be confident that the school provides a safe and secure environment for their children. Additionally, the staff should feel that the school is a safe place in which to work.