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School Bus

We offer a safe and dependable bus service run by the Company Alianza Travi with stops that cover the city of Barcelona, Sant Cugat, and Castelldefels.

The service is offered from 2 years old onwards. During the routes, expert supervisors keep an eye on the children.

The bus journey allows children to develop self-reliance and make friends with pupils from various grades and ages, fostering a sense of belonging. It’s a pleasant and dependable service for parents that saves time and stress.

Alianza Travi will examine the itineraries before the start of each school year in order to create the finest service for our families.

Dining room

Marta Benet
St Peter’s Chef


St PETER’S SCHOOL has its own kitchen facilities, where the preparation and supervision of the menus are rigorously controlled by dieticians.

If necessary, we are able to tailor our menu to any specific dietary needs a child may have, be they due to illness, allergy or religious reasons. To do so, you must fill out a form at the front desk and bring a doctor’s note in case of allergy or illness. 

Our kitchen is run by the company Saned. In this vídeo Saned, gives you further details on our service (in Spanish)


The School uniform is required for all of our students from Nursery to Year 9. It may be bought at Uniformes de Colegio SL.

A group of parents coordinate the Recicole Initiative, which holds Exchange Uniform Fairs throughout the year. 

Year 10 and Diploma Program students do not wear a uniform. 

Uniformes de Colegio S.L.

Carrer del Rosari, 10, local,
080017 Barcelona (Sarrià-Sant Gervasi)
Tel. +34 93 252 32 12

Shop online:

Welcome Service

For parents who need to leave their children early in the morning, our school is open from 8:00 a.m. onwards. 

Twice a week, we offer a choir activity for kids who arrive at this time. A Book Club is also offered once a week. 

These activities are free of charge. 

School Nurse

Our school nurse is in charge of the Medical and Wellness Protocol at school. Our objective is to keep our school’s excellent health while giving appropriate primary care to children and teachers while also ensuring that health and medical emergency procedures are followed on campus. 

The school nurse is in charge of the administration of medication, always following doctors’ instructions. The administration of prescription or over-the-counter medication by school personnel to students in school shall be done only with a written authorisation and direction of a licensed doctor or dentist. The school nurse will provide our families with the authorisation form required in those cases.

Vaccination requirements and Health Reception Guide in Catalunya:

Júlia Campos
School Nurse