St PETER’S and the CBCat announce a partnership to use blockchain technology for students certifications

As part of this collaboration, the Blockchain Center of Catalunya (CBCat)will begin a study, diagnosis, and recommendation process to adapt, define, and measure a digital certification project tailored to the school. We are thrilled to begin this partnership and become a forerunner in the use of blockchain for students’ certification.

The project will be split into 4 blocks:

  • Block 1: Functional. Current situation of St PETER’S SCHOOL and the educational sector. Scope of the ideal project.
  • Block 2: Functional. Definition of the functional objectives of the specific project. Challenges, opportunities, limitations.
  • Block 3: Technology. Technological definition of the project. Technological requirements and options.
  • Block 4: Market and valuation. Tools in the market. Possible suppliers. Definition of the project to be done.

The CBCat aims at promoting the adoption of blockchain technology projects in Catalonia, as a tool to enhance the rest of digital technologies, through dissemination, training and advice.

The institution has three main objectives: formation, diffusion and events organisation.