Our state-of-the-art facilities always keep the needs of our students first

Three weeks into the school year, and you’ve probably already noticed some of the new changes to our campus. These include a renovated Nursery Playground, wider windows, and a new external façade on the PYP building. Plus, we have an entirely new library designed specifically for our PYP students! The goal is to fit the architecture and school facilities with our project. These spaces are tailored to provide hands-on learning that is relevant and exciting for our student body, and they are aligned with our school project.

We designed our new Nursery playground with the aim of providing more opportunities for outdoor activities and learning. Every corner is part of the educational space, where children can play, grow and learn.

The PYP library has been redesigned to give students a more interactive and intimate learning experience that feels personal. The space is versatile, accommodating our IB interdisciplinary approach to education while also providing places for students to dream, relax, and participate in their own ways.

The new façade and the windows of the Foundation and Primary Building provide light while also opening the classroom to the outside, inviting children to learn in every area.

These are not the only spaces that have been newly designed; last year, we completed projects such as Lab06, which introduces a new versatile architecture that is consistent with our pedagogical approach.



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