Navigating Ancient Civilizations with a Special ‘Crossing the Equator’ Ceremony

This month, our Year 3s had the privilege of welcoming one of our parents to engage our students in an exciting activity perfectly aligned with our ongoing unit of inquiry on ancient civilizations. Our students were transported back in time to ancient Rome, where they had the unique opportunity to design their very own Roman gods and goddesses. These young creators poured their imaginations into crafting divine beings, each with its unique powers and personality. The climax of the activity was a captivating ‘Crossing the Equator’ ceremony, where Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, played the role of the esteemed guest of honor.

Our Year 3s brought to life the age-old traditions and rich culture of ancient Rome. The ceremony not only introduced our students to the fascinating world of ancient Rome but also emphasized the importance of teamwork as they embarked on a voyage through different continents. The journey was filled with excitement, discovery, and a deep sense of connection with history.

The ‘Crossing the Equator’ ceremony wouldn’t have been possible without the enthusiastic involvement of our parents. We are deeply grateful for their dedication and passion in enriching our students’ learning experiences. It’s through such engaging activities that we instill a love for history and inspire future adventurers, historians, and dreamers.