CICAE Benchmarking 2023: sharing our vision on education with schools across Spain

The recent Benchmarking event organized by the Association of Private and Independent Schools, CICAE Asociación de Colegios Privados, provided us with a valuable opportunity to articulate and reflect upon our pedagogical project. It reaffirmed our commitment to our educational strategy, especially in light of the feedback from more than 80 education professionals who attended the event, representing 34 schools across Spain.

We aimed to showcase various aspects to our colleagues, including:

Understanding Education in the Current Landscape: We wanted to convey our perspective on education within the context of the present day and how we’ve translated this vision into our educational program.
Our Approach to Technology: An essential part of our presentation was our approach to technology, specifically how we integrate artificial intelligence into our educational project.
Collaboration with External Partners: St PETER’S collaborates with external partners in education to design new initiatives, like MinicodersTedEd ClubTeach the Future, CanSat, or HAB (High Altitude Balloon). We also emphasized the creation of an #OpenInnovationCommittee comprising experts from diverse scientific, technical, and humanistic fields. This committee’s purpose is to reevaluate our educational project, identify the needs of the current era, and integrate them into our curriculum.

At the conclusion of the Benchmarking event, we felt a sense of accomplishment, having shared our best practices and solidified our identity as an independent school. We are proud of who we are and the passion and professionalism of each of our teachers and professionals associated with St PETER’S. We have confidence in sharing our vision, mission, and educational objectives with other professionals in the field of education. Thanks again to everybody for attending the #CICAEBenchmarking23



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