PYP Exhibition and Graduation 2023

Year 5 Graduates celebrate they are moving to MYP after their final PYP Exhibition

In a heartwarming ceremony filled with joy and pride, families, students, mentors, and teachers gathered last Friday to celebrate the final PYP Exhibition in Year 5, and their graduation. This extraordinary event marked the culmination of their Primary Years Program (PYP) journey.

Their students presented their findings in a moving exhibition that demonstrated their mastery of knowledge and their ability to inquiry, collaborate and think critically and creatively.

The exhibition ended with a moving Graduation ceremony, full of magical moments that will remain in the students’ and families’ memories. Once again this year, we could enjoy the delicious food prepared by Frankfurt Pedralbes provided on emblematic trucks on the playgrounds, while socialising and connecting with our teachers, friends and parents.  

“Beyond the academic achievements, which are many, the beauty of the exhibition lies in the personal growth it fosters. It is a transformative journey that molds each one of you into compassionate, curious, and open-minded individuals. As you step into the Middle Years, remember that learning is not just about textbooks and classrooms. It is a lifelong journey that shapes who you are as human beings.”

Miss Agustina Lacarte, head of Primary

An Unforgettable Journey of Growth

Throughout the academic year, we had the privilege of witnessing the transformation of our Year 5 students. From the first day, their bright-eyed enthusiasm and eagerness to explore set the stage for an incredible journey of growth and discovery. Miss Lacarte, in her heartfelt speech, emphasised the remarkable progress made by these young scholars, who have truly become masters of their own learning. Their achievements are nothing short of extraordinary, and their effort and determination deserve our utmost admiration.

Stepping into the Middle Years

As our Year 5 students prepare to transition into the Middle Years, a world of new experiences and opportunities awaits them. Miss Lacarte, together with Miss Róisín Barbeito, head of MYP, encouraged the students to approach this next chapter with the same enthusiasm and dedication they have demonstrated thus far. Emphasising the importance of showcasing agency and becoming self-regulated learners, she urged them to take ownership of their education. With courage, they should embrace challenges and pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

Honoring the Year 5 teachers and the Exhibition Mentors

Miss Lacarte took a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the remarkable efforts of Miss Jane and Miss Camila, the Year 5 teachers. Their commitment, tireless work, creativity, and ability to inspire have played a fundamental role in guiding our students through challenges, celebrating their successes, and providing support every step of the way. Together with the team mentors, they guided the students on this amazing journey of preparing the exhibition and acquiring skills in self-management, communication, research and thinking.


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