St Peter’s Placement Program 2023. An open window to the professional world

By Carla Platero, DP student in Year 11

Before this week, the professional world was unknown to me. Thanks to the St Peter’s Placement Program, after ten days, the Y11 PD students have been able to live our first hands-on experience in the working field.

But what is the purpose of the Placement Program? According to the program coordinator, Jordi Miranda, “It is a program that allows students to have a first experience in a real work environment […]”, be it in Marketing, Communication, Medicine, Television, Law, or Computer Engineering, among others. My choice: I plan to study communication once I finish IB, and this experience has been very helpful for me to see from the inside what it means to work in a company in the sector. But not only me. All of the Y11 students have had a taste of the day-to-day of what their professional field will be like.

During the first week of June, I worked with Síntesi, a communication agency. I have attended meetings, met their clients, and followed the course of several projects that have helped me to form a real idea of the professional field related to corporate communication. After these days, I am even more convinced that this is the sector in which I would like to train and develop professionally. But not only me: some of my classmates did their placement at the production company Sauvage, where they had the opportunity to see the production of several commercials. Other students worked in beauty clinics, law firms, or IT services. 

This Placement would not be possible without the collaboration of the companies which offer their savoir-faire, their time, and their dedication to enable students to enter the professional world. For this reason, the students participating in the program and St Peter’s School would like to thank each of the companies that have opened their doors to us.

In short, the Placement Program is an enriching experience for students. It provides us with a different perspective than those lived in our daily classes; it makes us grow and develop new skills, a real-world experience that makes a difference.


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