Learning together Y6 & Y5

Last week, Year 6 students prepared an exit point for the ones that will fill their classrooms next school year. Different stands placed across the school became an inspiration for the Year 5 pupils.

The first stop was at the biology lab, where Y5 pupils were introduced to dissection techniques and tools.  Y6 students showed their skills identifying the external and internal parts of a cow eye and a fish.

The tour went on from robot design, health projects, environmental projects, interactive science tests to a biology experiment where they could measure the lung capacity by blowing into a tube and replacing the water inside the bottle with air. A lung can hold an estimated of 5 litres of air and we can say the the Y5 pupils scored very well on this test.

The exit point was a great success and the Year 5 pupils not only are felling ready and motivated to start the next school year but also had a lot of fun during their tour.