St PETER’S SCHOOL is one of the six schools selected to participate in the “ALIA: Brain and Comics” project of the CCCB that links research and artistic creation

The Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB) has chosen the project presented by St PETER’S SCHOOL to participate in the third edition of the ALIA project, dedicated to the Brain and Comics and which links research and artistic creation. St PETER’S will participate with a group of 22 students from Year 10 who will investigate the functioning of the brain to understand what human consciousness is through work that establishes relationships between the subjects of philosophy, biology and Catalan.

In philosophy, students will try to answer questions about what It is to be human based on questions such as: What makes me me?; Is there something (soul, mind) at the centre of my experience?; Do I have a body or am I a body?; How are mind and body related?…

From the biology class, some sessions will be dedicated to exploring the brain and the nervous system with special attention to the development of the adolescent brain, while from Catalan, starting from the reading The Sentimental Mutation, we will reflect on the relationship between human and non-human intelligences, and the possibility that exclusively human functions such as emotions, consciousness or decision-making can be reproduced by non-biological systems.

In addition, the participating students will make a guided visit to the “Brain(s)” exhibition, they will learn first-hand about some of the research programs of the Center for Brain and Cognition and its researchers, and they will prepare a script that the students of the “Joso Comic School and Visual Arts Center” will turn into a graphic novel that will be presented at the end of the year in a presentation at the CCCB.

The ALIA program, developed jointly with the Center for Brain and Cognition (UPF) and with the support of the Banc Sabadell Foundation, invites six schools to participate in a journey inside the brain, in which the students will try to explain what it is and where human consciousness is found. The six schools selected were St PETER’S SCHOOL, the INS Torrent de les Bruixes de Badalona, the INS Les Aimerigues de Terrassa, the IE El Martinet de Ripollet, the Institut Ca n’Oriac de Badalona and the Institute 9 of Santa Coloma.



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