Global Citizen Week: Empowering Change for a Sustainable Future

Recently, we have celebrated Global Citizen Week, an initiative driven by students and inspired by the United Nations’ SDG 2030 goals, and aimed to raise awareness about important issues and foster a global mindset. The project was co-founded by Year 11 students Jerome Ow and Emma Ishikawa, and it was entirely led by students, from organisation to execution.

During the week, the Eco Club, led by Emma, organised educational games and activities that encouraged active participation. This demonstrated the power of youth in driving positive change.

A notable event during the week was a talk by guest speaker Alex Oort Alonso from Harvard University. His discussion on sustainability was enlightening and left us motivated to make a difference in our lives and communities.

Thanks for this initiative, and let’s continue to raise our voices, spread awareness, and take action to achieve the UN’s SDG 2030 goals.



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