St PETER’S SCHOOL: A Step Beyond

At St PETER’S SCHOOL we are very aware of the importance of having a visual identity that is consistent with our personality, values and purpose.

Therefore, we have completely redesigned our image so that it is in line to our spirit and reflects who we are: a truly international, modern, innovative, disruptive and committed school that is always looking to go one step further: A Step Beyond.

We believe that our logo and our claim have to be the badge that represents who we are. This is why we are happy to present the new image that will accompany us from now on.

The new logo creates a symbol from the combination of the initials of the school’s name, the S for St and the P for PETER’S, projecting a modern, different, unique and singular image.




We love the result, don’t you? Together with our new website released last week, we are very proud of launching the new corporate image of our school. 




We accept applications all year-round. During the enrolment process we try to give you all the information you need to make such an important decision. We want to be sure that our school is the best option for your children

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