A nursery stage experience


The Nursery is all about love and care. It’s the first time the child separates from the parents, so together we will make the best adaptation for each child so they feel happy and safe in the Nursery. The teacher of the child will therefore have extra contact with the parents in the start if needed, to help the process go smoothly for everyone.

Learning through exploring, playing and repeated routines:

When the child feels safe it starts exploring and playing, first by itself and later alongside others, copying everything.
The daily timetable in a Nursery is often the same, to meet the children’s needs. The daily repeated routines helps the child to follow, learn and improve every day, no matter what language the child speaks or even if the child doesn’t speak yet.


In the Nursery stage the child starts to be able to do things on its own and we encourage that. Everything from practicing taking shoes off and on, walking up and down stairs, eating by them self, drinking of a cup, washing hands, taking clothes on and off etc. Later in the Nursery we also help support their interest in toilet training when they are ready for it.

Socialize with other children and making connections to other people:

A big part of Nursery is also to learn to socialize with other children and adults. It can be in small or big groups, through the daily timetable or through focused activities the teacher plans.

Focused activities:

The daily focused activity is planned to balance the different areas of the curriculum. It can be small activities that strengthen the child’s personal and social skills, language, body movements, exploring with nature and culture.
That way we can help to introduce and encourage the child to try new things, along its journey through first step.