Class Of 2021 Graduation: The Party Ain’t Over Yet

By Xavier Salvadó, head o PreU

Last week we celebrated the graduation of our class of 2021. As always, the evening was filled with pride, excitement, relief… And parents worried about their kids’ future.

I understand those mixed feelings: happy because they finally made it, but concerned about what’s coming next. 

Sr. Merín and Sr. Soler stated the obvious: “we’ve come a long way, folks”. Eighteen years, to be exact. To them, a lifetime. To us, just the beginning of this strange yet wonderful journey called life. And what a life, if you ask me! A bumpy road, a roller coaster, a Shinkansen… “You have made us all proud today”, said Alexandra, the mother of Esteve, one of the 26 young men and women perfectly dressed for the occasion. The same young men and women that, after the formalities, quickly left the theatre looking for the perfect location for their Instagram-worthy selfies.  

It takes a village to raise a kid, they say. Darío and Anna acknowledged it during their speech: “Thank you for everything”. And they all kept repeating it over and over to whoever came near them after the ceremony. Thank you mom, thank you dad, thank you Mr. Allen… You could tell that they really meant it.

Guess what, we also have a message to our brand new graduates: “Thank you for everything”. We’ve come a long way, folks. And we really mean it. 

caption: Some memories will remain forever



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