Year 6 Students Complete the Third Edition of Our Interdisciplinary Unit on Artificial Intelligence

Three years ago, our Year 6 students participated for the first time in an Interdisciplinary Unit on Artificial Intelligence. Since then, this technology and its implications for our world have changed exponentially. This year, our young Year 6 students once again engaged in new transdisciplinary research, applying the skills they have developed during their PYP years. The world has evolved, and so have they and their teachers. Once again, thought-provoking dilemmas were on the table. AI is here to stay, but it is not here to control humanity.

During an intensive week of interdisciplinary research, our Year 6 students explored Artificial Intelligence from various angles. Their studies covered a wide range of subjects, including healthcare, visual arts, language and literature, film studies, music, and philosophy. This year’s focus was especially relevant due to the recent improvements in AI tools like Large Language Models, sparking interesting discussions from day one. Machine and deep learning were also investigated as part of their final projects.

We were delighted to have Irina, a former student now working in AI, join us for a conference and panel discussion with our faculty. They shared their experiences and engaged in a thoughtful debate about the implications of the latest AI advancements. As Irina noted, these students will be the leaders shaping the tools of tomorrow. It’s fundamental that they understand how these tools work, how to address biases in algorithms, and how to improve these technologies. They must also learn to reach agreements to ensure responsible use and better decision-making.

After a week of rigorous research, we proudly reflect on the remarkable progress our students have made. They can now discuss topics like machine learning and data classification, creating songs with AI, writing articles and poems using LLM tools, exploring reality and the metaverse, and understanding AI applications in healthcare and medicine. It’s incredible what our young minds can achieve!


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