Y10 student Helena Maixer Earns Spot as Finalist in 4Voices Public Speaking Contest

Year 10 student Helena Maixer has been distinguished as one of the twelve finalists in this year’s “4Voices Public Speaking Competition,” set to unfold at the illustrious CosmoCaixa auditorium in Barcelona on April 27. This year’s theme, “The Digital Jungle: Navigating the Online World,” aims to shed light on the unique insights of teenagers navigating the complexities of the digital era.

Over the next weeks, Helena, alongside the eleven other chosen finalists, will undergo targeted public speaking training. This preparation aims to hone their abilities, ensuring they are ready to take the stage at the CosmoCaixa with confidence and poise.

St PETER’S marks its second consecutive year of participation in the esteemed competition. The previous year’s event remains memorable, with three of our students making it to the finals, leaving a lasting impression with their compelling presentations. Jerome, Emma, and Albert represented our school with distinction, joining peers from other international schools in Barcelona to share their insights and perspectives.

Gabriella Opaz, co-founder of 4Voices, expressed her admiration for the quality of this year’s entrants, highlighting the theme “The Digital Jungle.” She noted, “The submissions have far exceeded our expectations, underscoring both the societal benefits and the potential pitfalls of technological advancements like social media and artificial intelligence. It’s clear that while these innovations offer connectivity and new modes of expression, they also pose significant challenges to the wellbeing of our youth.”

Selected from a pool of over a hundred applicants from schools across Spain, the finalists—comprising seven girls and five boys from 4ESO and 1BXT—tackled a range of pressing issues in their applications. Topics ranged from the ‘Instagram zombification’ and online pornography to AI apprehensions and ‘trauma dumping,’ reflecting the diverse and complex nature of the digital landscape.

The rise in online engagement has positioned teenagers at the forefront of the digital revolution, yet their voices often remain unheard. Both St PETER’S SCHOOL and 4Voices are committed to providing a platform for these young individuals to articulate their views, concerns, and ideas about the digital world’s intricacies. The recurring theme of the challenges posed by excessive social media use underscores the importance of this dialogue.

About 4Voices:

Since its inception in 2022, 4Voices has been devoted to amplifying the voices of teenagers, offering them a secure environment for expression, experience sharing, and engaging in impactful conversations. By placing a spotlight on the perspectives of the younger generation, 4Voices strives to cultivate understanding and bridge generational communication gaps.



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