V.O.S. (Víctor o Sara) Coming soon!

“It’s a romantic drama where the symbolism and metaphors play a big role in the whole spirit of the short-film”– says the director of the short-film, José Antonio Merín.
José Antonio Merín
A teacher, some students, a school, a project… these are the main ingredients of this short-film V.O.S. (Víctor or Sara). We are not allowed to reveal any more details“apart from the valuable participation of the well-known catalan actress Carme Elías. Come and discover it for lf and that’s why we would like to invite you to the Premier which will take place on Wednesday 21st December at 7:00 p.m. in the Theatre. All the starring characters involved in the film will be there!
It all started with “Susurros” some years ago. (Whispers)
In December 2009 St. Peter’s School presented the mysterious short-film Susurros made by teachers and students.  After the success of the project, the Director Mr. José Antonio Merín completed another film where the actors, sound technicians , lighting  technicians, producers and a musical composer created their own group called “El Cuc Absurdu”.

                                                            Don’t miss it!



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