Unit of inquiry: How we express ourselves

Physical expression is a fundamental aspect of human nature. We use our bodies to communicate, to create, and to connect with others. In this unit of inquiry, we explore the ways in which we use our bodies to express ourselves, both individually and as a group.

The key concepts of form, causation, and approaches to learning have been central to our inquiry. We have examined the features of personal, social, and physical development, as well as the impact of our well-being and relationships on our ability to express ourselves.

One of the key approaches to learning in this unit has been self-management. Students have developed strategies to improve their individual and group performance, such as learning how to complete a task more efficiently or effectively. They have also reflected on their interactions with other students, taking turns and experimenting with different strategies.

Another important approach to learning has been the social aspect. Students have learned how to work with others to organize a sequence, design a strategy, or improve a physical or social skill. They have also learned how to reflect on their own behavior and the behavior of others in order to improve their performance.

The learner profile attributes of risk-takers and communicators have been particularly relevant in this unit. Risk-takers are students who enjoy trying new activities and experimenting with different strategies in Physical Education classes. They are capable of letting go of their comfort zone and being open to new experiences and learning on their own limits. Communicators, on the other hand, are students who can choose to work with small and large groups to organize a sequence, design a strategy or improve a physical or social skill during Physical Education classes.

In this unit, students have had the opportunity to explore their own physical expression and to learn from the experiences of others. They have learned how to use their bodies to communicate, create and connect with others, and they have learned how to work with others to achieve a common goal. It has been an exciting journey that has challenged and inspired students to reach their full potential.



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