The Year 6 students become experts on AI after a week of interdisciplinary research

During an intensive week of interdisciplinary research, our Year 6 students at St PETER’S SCHOOL in Barcelona have explored Artificial Intelligence from diverse perspectives and disciplines, ranging from geopolitics to visual arts, from language and literature to film studies, music, healthcare, or philosophy. This year, after the recent improvement of AI tools such as GTP-3.5, dilemmas have been on the table since the first day.

This interdisciplinary investigation has involved teachers and professionals from different areas of expertise, requiring extra effort in planning and guidance for the community. It has proven that knowledge must be approached holistically and that technology should be understood as a tool at the service of humankind.

We had the privilege of having Xavier Piera, CEO of Cyklos, address our enthusiastic students on what it means to tackle AI. He was impressed with their enthusiasm and encouraged them to “ideate to create a better world.” One of our alumni, Irina, now working in the field of AI, also joined a conference and panel discussion with Mr. Piera and Mr. Mauri, who exchanged their experiences and introduced a philosophical discussion about the consequences of the latest improvements of AI Tools such as the chat GTP3-5.

After a week of intense research into AI, we must say that it’s been worth it. Now you can talk to Year 6 students about machine learning & data classifications, constructing songs using artificial intelligence, articles or poems written with GPT-3 tools, reality, metaverse & intelligence, AI applications in healthcare and medicine, and more! Incredible what our young minds can achieve!