The best is yet to come

by Xavier Salvadó, head of PreU

Time flies. I’m not saying anything new here. Our students or, technically speaking, our brand new alumni are now off to a new chapter in their lives. This year’s graduation ceremony was a combination of best wishes, a celebration of many accomplishments, and an overall sense of pride across the room. Because here, at St. Peter’s, we are very proud of our students. And we have plenty of reasons to feel that way.

Every single teacher in this school has been influenced by the personality of their students, by the way they see the world…To be honest, they have helped us become better professionals, better people. They have made us more empathic, better listeners and waaaay more patient! 

We know that nothing is perfect (it’s called “life”). But we will never look back in anger, just as Chloe and Kirill beautifully reminded us the other day. School life is like a roller coaster. You have to wait in line first, then you get your ups and downs, but when the ride is over, you know it was worth the wait. Actually, you think “wait, what?! That’s it?”

Yes, this is it. At least for now. Enjoy the ride,folks!



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