Augmentation of Human capabilities and Ecoroads: Y7 and Y8 students present their final tech projects

This week, our students in Year 7 and 8 dazzled their parents with their final presentation on Technology and Coding. They showed off individual and group projects, like a wearable device that boosts human abilities and prototypes that clean up fossil fuel emissions. The projects involved computer design, 3D printing, and programming with Arduino, and the students did a great job of speaking in front of the audience and managing their projects.

To get started, the students brainstormed and wrote down their ideas. They then built mechanical structures, created electronics and programming with 3D design tools, and ran simulations to test their work. They even used an engineering method called Quality Gate Methodology to guide their projects even better.

Throughout the process, the students learned how to use Tinkercad, a website for learning, teaching, and creating 3D design and electronics projects. They also learned about Prusa Slicer, a tool for 3D printing, a platform to 3D print models from a digital platform to the physical world and the Arduino IDE, an open-source platform for coding and uploading their work to a physical board. By the end of the project, the students had some pretty cool stuff to show off!



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