STEAM Week, a few days full of activities

Once again, St Peter’s School has participated in STEAM Week. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematic. Each of STEAM’s five subjects share a common approach and focus. They require gathering and using evidence to create knowledge or solve problems. STEAM learning happens naturally everyday as children explore, play, and tinker around.

Candle Carrousels

For the past week the Y5 and Y7 students took part in a pilot project about integrating all STEAM fields into one challenge. It consisted of designing, building and testing a Candle Carousel, and gave students the opportunity to explore the interdisciplinary aspect of STEM. Next year, we will be expanding the project by including more exciting challenges and year groups. 

Also the Y6 students made posters of Scientists that have made major contributions in the field. The list included a diverse group of people that we hope students found relatable.

Earthship webinar

The Y6 to Y10 students were invited to take an inside look of a special home in Almeria called Earthship. Laura and Doug, inspired by Nature, designed their eco-friendly home using recycled and earth friendly materials. Students intrigued by the entire process asked many questions afterwards to satisfy their curiosity. 

Conference about neuromuscular diseases at the Hospital Sant Joan de Deu

Y11 Bio students visited Sant Joan de Déu to participate in a session where they learned about research in Pediatrics, in particular the relevance of clinical essays not only for industrial purposes but also for patients. In addition, students were made aware of the contribution of citizens to science thanks to their participation both as volunteers and in the field of Epidemiologic research to better understand how infectious diseases are propagated/controlled. 

To take or not to take the medicine? 

In the context of science week, Y11 had a guest speaker, Cristina Carbonell from Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, who led a workshop about the adherence to medical treatments and its relevance. As future students  in the field of health sciences, they got to learn about medical and pharmacological research while raising awareness about the importance of following physician’s recommendations.

ICFO webinar

Physics students participated in a webinar delivered by the ICFO (Instituto de Ciencias Fotónicas) where they learned about the latest advances in photonics and how these impact our daily lives, from the use of detectors in medical diagnosis such as measuring oxygen saturation in the blood of a patient, to developing encrypting codes or anodes to be used in solar cells.


Summer Camps

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