St. Peter’s will hold the 1st edition of “The Learning through Language” conference on the 3rd-4th March


At St Peter’s we are particularly aware of the effects of linguistic diversity on learning in the classroom. Just how we address the issues which arise is down to the skills and expertise of the professionals who work with our students on a daily basis.

In an increasingly global society, traditional views on language teaching are under review at all levels of the educational establishment. In the light of this, and in collaboration with national and international universities and schools, we are hosting a conference where practising teachers, student teachers and other educational professionals can share their different approaches and aspects of classroom practice.

On the 3rd and 4th of March, we are holding the 1st edition of Learning through Language: the changing role of teachers. The intention is for educators to draw upon examples of successful learning experiences, in order to reflect upon and find meaningful responses for their own particular contexts, either in the classroom or outside it.

How do we deal with linguistic diversity? Can a challenge become a resource? How can we create relevant educational experiences for an increasingly multi-modal environment? To what extent are different modes of communication, including visual, gestural, digital incorporated into traditional alphabetical/oral texts? How can mathematical or musical language enhance communicative experiences? Which approaches to teaching optimise use of both academic and social language acquisition? What are the effects on the role of the teacher? Who is the teacher? How can we best serve the teaching profession through initial training and continuing professional development? All these questions will be on the table during the workshops, lectures and sharing experiences that will take place during these two days.

Educational approaches can no longer be considered in isolation. We need to work together to face the challenges we have today and will have in the near future. It is a pleasure to welcome the collaboration different professionals from universities -such as Blanquerna, University of Lleida, University of Barcelona, International University of Catalonia or Autonomous University of Barcelona-, schools –Colegio San Patricio, Colegio Mirabal, Colegio La Miranda, Colegio Luis Vives and Colegio San José de Calasanz-, other institutions (British Council, Editorial Luis Vives, Cambridge, Pearson Editorial) and finally all the teachers that will join us and share their day-to-day experience.

Language & venue
The conference language will be English. All sessions will take place at St. Peter’s School and are aimed at professionals working within multilingual school environments, student teachers and researchers.

Recognised Credits
This activity is officially recognised by the Ministry of Education. Recognised credits: 10 hours. For further information, please contact Joan Rovira Sanz and Carme Escorcia at: – 93 204 36 12 or go to