St PETER’S SCHOOL leads de way in validating students’ certificates and portfolios with Blockchain technology.

In partnership with the Blockchain Center of Catalonia and the Catalan deep-tech company BLOOCK, St PETER’S SCHOOL will become the first Spanish school to issue its students’ certificates and portfolios using blockchain. The project is in its final stages of completion, and this academic year (22-23) will see a pilot test implemented with first- and second-year baccalaureate students. If this pilot is successfully implemented, the validation system will be extended to the whole school the next academic year.

According to Teresa Ferrer, the Curriculum Coordinator at St PETER’S, “We thought it was a good idea for our students to have an official online place where their certificates and portfolios will be properly validated – all while avoiding any forms of fraud – so we considered that blockchain technology was our best option.” With this innovative system in place, it is hoped that verifying academic credentials becomes easier than ever before, whether that’s for college admission or job search applications.

The incorporation of this disruptive technology into the curriculum truly reflects St Peter’s vision and mission, and it’s consistent with the School Education Project: “At St PETER’S, we truly believe in blockchain technology; we offer our Primary & Middle Years students opportunities to learn about this tech through various units of inquiries and projects. So we said to ourselves, why not take a step beyond and incorporate blockchain into the issuance and certification of official documents and credentials?” It seemed natural to take their exploration of blockchain one step beyond by rolling out its use for official documents & certifications.

At St PETER’S SCHOOL, science and technology are essential for equipping students with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in an ever-changing future. The school’s dedication to integrating cutting-edge technology is evident through its incorporation of blockchain technology, not only for verifying student certifications and accomplishments but also as part of the curriculum and skills that the students learn.


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