St PETER’S Organises the “Futures Literacy Conference, a new skill in Education” in collaboration with Teach The Future

Futures Literacy is a crucial skill that we all should acquire to face the present and future technological, economic, and social challenges. Well aware of it, St PETER’S has been the first international school in Cataluña and one of the first in Europe to promote and apply it in our classes. Together with Teach the Future, we are now organising the “Futures Literacy. A new skill in Education Conference” on Friday 12th of May, open to educators, parents and other professionals interested in learning how to identify the signs of the future in the present, and act accordingly to shape our ideal future.

In 2020, UNESCO hosted the First World Summit on Future Literacy, which brought together over 5,000 educators from around the world to explore the potential of this innovative skill in the classroom. Since then, UNESCO has established more than 80 Learning Laboratories of the Future.

The “Futures Literacy. A new skill for education” conference aims to introduce participants to this important new skill and share St PETER’S SCHOOL’s experience with its application in the classroom. The foundation of future learning is the recognition that the future is not predetermined and cannot be predicted with certainty and that the actions we take in the present can influence it.

Peter Bishop, Noelle Roces, Jordi Ginjaume, and Lourdes Rodríguez will be the expert speakers leading this day of discovery and learning. Join us for this exciting opportunity to explore the cutting edge of education and learn how to equip your students with the skills they need to succeed in an unpredictable future. 

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