Shaping Futures: Celebrating the Class of 2024’s University Acceptances

March is a special time for our Year 12 students at St Peter’s, who are on the final leg of their International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Amid the final push with their internal assessments and intense prep for their official exams, it’s an intense period filled with hard work and anticipation. In these challenging times, it’s incredibly uplifting to see the rewards of their dedication start to emerge, as letters of acceptance from universities begin to pour in.

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St PETER’S SCHOOL: The spirit of an exponential School

At St PETER’S, we aim to redesign education by going beyond traditional methods. At the core of our curriculum, beyond the rigorous framework of the International Baccalaureate, lies a visionary approach, which is not just about knowledge acquisition; it’s about preparing our students to harness and apply exponential technologies to solve real-world challenges.

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Regarding the Ljubljana Manifesto on Reading

In an age marked by unprecedented technological advancement, St PETE’RS has long recognized the importance of integrating computing, robotics, artificial intelligence, and other exponential technologies into the curriculum. However, we have never lost sight of the essential disciplines of the humanities.

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Fusion for Energy Lights Up Our Classrooms

Taking advantage of the talent within our parent community, this week we welcomed three insightful parents—two engineers and a lawyer—to illuminate the complexities of Fusion for Energy, one of the most groundbreaking scientific projects globally. This collaboration highlights the diverse talents in our community.

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Living in a rainforest

We had the honor of welcoming one of our very own parents to share his incredible journey and experiences in the rainforest with our Year

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