St PETER’S goes International

St PETER’S is always committed to establishing relationships with different educational institutions around the world, with diverse methods and cultures. This was evident during the second trimester when the school welcomed a group of intermediate-level students from Boo Gårds School in Sweden and a school in Greece. The visit was an opportunity for the students to share their projects, and traditions, and participate in sporting activities.

The teachers from Boo Gårds School, Gabriela Au Andersson and Andreas Rehn, reached out to St PETERS’s after participating in the Erasmus Program. This program enables schools to learn about other education systems by visiting schools abroad. The exchange of best practices was a valuable experience that allowed the two schools to compare their methods and systems. Playing basketball and volleyball matches together was an excellent way to further strengthen the bond between the schools.

Additionally, students from Greece came to visit St PETER’S during their travels to Barcelona. They were interested in the school’s innovative system and keen to learn more about the project. The visit was a great opportunity for St. Peter’s to showcase its innovation system and for the students to learn from one another.

Collaborating with international schools and universities is an excellent way to establish bonds and learn from each other. St PETER’S commitment to building relationships with other institutions worldwide is evident in the school’s ongoing efforts to welcome students from other countries and participate in exchange programs.



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