April 4th-6th, 2025 - 8th edition

Imagine the following scenario

The year 2030. You are a delegate representing your country at the UN. The problems are complex but you have researched solutions. The chances for an agreement are low but you will do your best. The citizens of the world  are relying on you. Good luck and enjoy!

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Dress Code

All SMUN2030 participants are expected to dress business formal for the full duration of the conference.

You need to impress a person you talk to. Your outfit and the way you look will be the first impression they have on you, so to be taken seriously you should follow Model United Nation’s dress code.

What to wear

Male participants will be expected to wear suit and tie, while female participants will be expected to wear dresses of an appropriate length or formal suits.

  • Bowties are allowed
  • No t-shirts under the suit jacket
  • Skirts and dresses must reach the knee when stood upright
  • Formal and comfortable shoes (flats are encouraged)
  • Shoes must be closed (no open-heeled sandals or heels)
If the dress code is not followed

The dress code will be examined during the conference. If the attire is found inappropriate the participant may be asked to change into something more suitable.

What not to wear

Male participants must NOT wear butterflies, and their jackets should always be buttoned, furthermore guys may NOT wear jeans of any kind since it’s considered inappropriate. The female participants must NOT wear skirts that are too short, and the neckline of their shirts must NOT be too low as it is considered inappropriate.

  • No Sports Shoes
  • No Polos
  • No flipflops
  • No shorts
  • No spaghetti straps, unless covered at all times with a blazer or cardigan
  • “No sleeves” is acceptable, as long as most of the shoulder is covered