Shaping Futures: Celebrating the Class of 2024’s University Acceptances

March marks a special time for our Year 12 students at St PETER’S, who are now in the final stretch of their International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Amid the last push, balancing internal assessments and preparation for their official exams, the workload and anticipation for university life build up. It’s incredibly encouraging, during this nerve-wracking period, to see university acceptance letters begin to roll in. Among our students, Emma Isikawha, YiQi Nie, Miron Pingasov, and Joaquim Palmer exemplify this journey, having secured places at prestigious universities around the world.

Emma, a tireless worker with a passion for science, joined us at St PETER’S a couple of years ago to embark on her IB Diploma journey. Her dedication has been rewarded with an impressive array of university acceptances, including University College London (major: Medical Innovation & Enterprise), King’s College London (major: Global Health & Social Medicine), the University of Edinburgh (major: Health in Social Science), Warwick Medical School (major: Health and Medical Sciences), Maastricht University (major: Science Programme), and International Christian University (major: Liberal Arts/ Sciences). With more decisions awaited in the coming months, we are confident Emma will thrive wherever she chooses to go, and we eagerly anticipate welcoming her back to share her experiences.

YiQi, a St PETER’S veteran since Year 5, has also seen remarkable success, with acceptances from the University of Edinburgh, University of Nottingham, University of Warwick, and Queen Mary University of London. Aspiring to graduate in law and dedicate herself to international law, YiQi’s ambition is a testament to her commitment and the broad, inclusive education provided at St PETER’S.

Miron, who arrived at the tender age of 5, is remembered for his lively energy. Years later, now a Formula 4 pilot, he has been accepted into Syracuse University, an American university in the state of New York, where he will continue to pursue his dreams. His journey from the playgrounds of St PETER’S to the racing tracks, and now to higher education in the United States, illustrates the diverse talents and paths of our students.

Lastly, Joaquim has chosen to stay closer to home in Barcelona, having been accepted into ESADE and La Salle. Opting for La Salle, where he will study a program that combines Computer Science with business, Joaquim’s decision reflects a thoughtful consideration of his interests and career aspirations.

Emma, YiQi, Miron, and Joaquim embody the spirit and resilience of the Class of 2024. Their achievements are not just a testament to their work but also to the supportive and enriching environment provided by St PETER’S. As they prepare to conclude their IB Diploma and embark on their next adventures, we offer them our warmest congratulations and best wishes.

To Emma, YiQi, Miron, Joaquim, and all our Y12 students, the entire St PETER’S community is behind you, cheering you on as you step into these new chapters. Your futures are bright, and we can’t wait to see how you will shape the world.



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