Primary School Fundraise

Year 6 students from St Peter´s School, Carla Viladiu and Nicolly Camilly had the idea to organise a fundraise. From Y1 to Y6 they all managed to raise 1.015 euros.

The money will be divided between the Vall d`Hebron institut de recerca (Grupo de Investigación en Ingeniería Tisular Musculoesquelética) and the BRAC (non-governmental organization).

The Vall d’Hebron Institut de Recerca is in charge of Promoting and developing biosanitary research at the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital and the money will be destined to help on the research for a cure of a rare disease that doesn’t allow bones to join together.

BRAC is one of the largest non-governmental development organisation in the world and its present in all 64 districts of Bangladesh as well as 13 other countries in Asia, Africa, America. The money raise will be for the Rohingya refugees from Myanmar. Rohingya are one of the many ethnic minorities in the country are more than 700.000 are being forced to leave their country.





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