Personal Development is a never-ending lesson in St. Peter’s School.

Every gesture has a thousand values behind it.
Today, just like every day, some pupils in Class 1 will be taking their dog, Rosset, for a walk at playtime. Afterwards, Pau pretends to clean up the mess and throw it into the bin. This activity is a part of the “Integrated Project” which is being run in the two Class 1 groups throughout the year. It involves learning from, and analysing, a particular case from all angles: this year the theme is LOOKING AFTER PETS.
Vídeo: “WHAT PETS NEED” (from the RSPCA)
This video asks children to think about all the things that pets need. It encourages them to think about what different animals need to be looked after properly.?
And what could be better than “virtually” adopting a real dog, in this particular case, from the Dog Shelter at Teià? The children chose him together using their better judgement: Rosset is perfect for children, he’s a year old, he’s a very good dog and likes to play. In the classrooms there is a cuddly toy which looks very much like him, and the children use it to act as if he were really with them and they look after him properly.

Just imagine the benefits for the world in which we live, if children from an early age were taught what is involved, for example, in looking after a dog. Just imagine if these skills could be applied to other aspects of life: love, being responsible, developing emotional skills and improving empathy, judgement, self-esteem, with less abuse and many other things too. Next week a vet is coming to check out Rosset and to give us some practical advice. 
Fingers crossed that Rosset is strong and healthy!


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