PDUP16: Connecting the unconnected dots


Last week we held our Personal Development for University Programme (PDUP16) and our students in Pre-U 1 learned some interesting things:

  1. They are going to have jobs that haven’t been invented yet.
  2. As St. Peter’s General Manager, Josep Maria Ginjaume, explained, we have typographies in our computers because of unconnected dots in Steve Jobs’ life.
  3. We really have to reflect upon where we want to go. If we know this,  we’ll find out the road to go there (great piece of advice from “Alice in Wonderland”. Dr. Kazmierckaz, professor at Universitat Abat Oliba, explained it to us at the Opening Session. 
  4. And the most important thing: if you have a dream, protect it and pursuit it.

The following video is a quick view of the activities and conferences held during the week:

So, after this intensive PDUP, our students have a new “to-do-list”:

  1. We must have a project, love it and work for it.
  2. If we are going to work at jobs that don’t exist yet, then we have to be prepared to adapt and learn. 
  3. We have to be comfortable in the “Non-comfort-zone”. 
  4. Even if we don’t know the answer to the question “If Pinocchio says ‘My nose grows now,’ is he either lying or not?” (Mr. Josep M. Ginjaume quoted this sentence at the Closing Ceremony in Casa Batlló), we know we have to face uncertainty and handle it.

Sometimes we need to connect the unconnected dots to face the challenges we find on our way to where we want to go. Programmes such as the PDUP help to do this and find the answers we don’t find in our every-day classes.

We would like to thank to everyone involved and specially to the students who have joined us at the PDUP who came from Colegio Agustinos Alicante, Colegio San Patricio, Colegio Virgen de Europa and Colegio El Pinar.

To close the programme, on Thursday 18th we celebrated our University Day. Parents, students and universities could meet in this university fair, share their programmes and choices and talk about future options.

You can take a look at the pictures on this link: PDUP16 pictures.


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