IB Educators and Coordinators from Catalonia and Andorra’s Local Network Convene at St Peter’s for Collaborative Exchange

Over 150 educators, including teachers, principals, and coordinators from the International Baccalaureate (IB) School Network of Catalonia and Andorra, gathered at St Peter’s School last week for a dynamic two-day conference. This year’s conference marked a significant milestone as it welcomed colleagues working within the Primary Years, Middle Years, and Careers-Related programs for the first time, expanding the network to include professionals from all IB programs in Catalonia and Andorra.

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International Day 2023: A Tribute to Our Diverse and Rich Community

The sun shone bright last Saturday as we came together for our International Day at St PETER’S. It was a day to celebrate who we are beyond our nationalities. With 17 stands and around 500 attendees, it was a vibrant representation of the 50+ nationalities that make up our community. We take pride in the richness of our diversity – in languages, cultures, traditions, and beliefs.

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Navigating Ancient Civilizations with a Special ‘Crossing the Equator’ Ceremony

This month, our Year 3s had the privilege of welcoming one of our parents to engage our students in an exciting activity perfectly aligned with our ongoing unit of inquiry on ancient civilizations. Our students were transported back in time to ancient Rome, where they had the unique opportunity to design their very own Roman gods and goddesses. These young creators poured their imaginations into crafting divine beings, each with its unique powers and personality. The climax of the activity was a captivating ‘Crossing the Equator’ ceremony, where Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, played the role of the esteemed guest of honor.

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CICAE Benchmarking 2023: sharing our vision on education with schools across Spain

The recent Benchmarking event organized by the Association of Private and Independent Schools, CICAE Asociación de Colegios Privados, provided us with a valuable opportunity to articulate and reflect upon our pedagogical project. It reaffirmed our commitment to our educational strategy, especially in light of the feedback from more than 80 education professionals who attended the event, representing 34 schools across Spain.

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The Power of Student Councils: Voices for School Improvement and Community Building

At St PETER’S, our Student Councils are an essential part of the transformative journey that shapes us into who we are: innovative, creative, and respectful. They play a pivotal role in shaping our unique and diverse community, with a shared commitment to making both local and global improvements. This month, we’ve proudly elected members to serve on the Primary (PYP), Middle Years (MYP), and Diploma (DP) Student Councils. These dedicated leaders are the voices of our students, collaborating closely with the school to bring each project to life, enhancing them, and forging enduring connections that extend far beyond our school years.

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