MEP Catalunya 2022: lessons from the young parliamentarians participating in the 5th regional session of the European Parliament

By Joan Rovira Sanz, Singularity Foundation, General Manager

The last weekend of January brought together more than sixty Catalan-Balearic students and teachers, who became European parliamentarians for three days. The topics discussed by the four working committees were the challenges of migratory flows, the 32-hour working day, disinformation as an attack on democracy and the new European Bauhaus.

As Ennio Campoli, president of the fifth edition of  #MEPCatalunya said, “young people may only  be 40% of the population today, but they will be 100% of the leaders of the future.”  Between  January 29th and the 31st, the fifth edition of the MEP Catalonia and Balearic Islands was held with all the resolutions approved, after three days of intense debate. With young parliamentarians like those who participated in this latest edition, we are convinced that there is a bright future ahead of us.

This 5th edition included new participating schools, such as  Maristes Sants-Les Corts, the Montserrat Miró High School of Moncada i Reixarc, and the La Llauna High School of Badalona. Mr. Raimon Novell, headmaster of Maristes-Les Corts, wanted to highlight the quality of dialogue of the young parliamentarians and the importance of this type of activities for the development of communication and critical thinking skills. 

Once again, thanks to the organisation of the Singularity Foundation, the Catalan-Balearic regional session brought together more than sixty young people with the will and intention to improve the Europe that we all know. As General Manager of the Singularity Foundation, I recognise the effort that these young people and their schools make so that students fully understand the European institutions that represent them.  At the same time, it is essential to foster skills of dialogue and diplomacy so that our future leaders can imagine better futures. The topics they discussed demonstrated this. For example, imagining a more flexible working day is but the first step to start regulating possible scenarios that include telecommuting, automation, or project work.

I would like to restate  the words of Josep Maria Ginjaume, General Manager at St. Peter’s School, at the closing of #MEPCatalunya, edition 2022: “There are some problems that have a clear solution, such as some mathematical equations. Other challenges, however, require skills of negotiation and anticipation, imagining answers for scenarios that have not yet arrived. “

Tot a Europa, a Radio 4 live show presented by Francesc Cruanyes, broadcasted an interview about this edition of #MEPCatalunay. You can still listen to it here.

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