The Media Students present… a Cup Song for Peace One Day


It was at the end of September. The school year had just started and suddenly, the whole school was involved in rehearsals, trying  to create a rhythm with a cup with just one message in mind: Peace.

Almost two months later and after lots of hard and intensive work, a group of students from Media Studies, in PreU-1, presented their videos edited of the event. It has been a challenge for them to learn how to select, edit and join all the images they gathered that day. Doing it by themselves and being guided by Sr. Merin has led them to discover both how difficult and how exciting it can be to work in the Media.

It has been hard to select 2 videos among those prepared by the Media Studies students, but finally we have selected a winner and a finalist among all those prepared in PreU.


Directed and edited by Carla Tejedor and Sharon Martínez, students from PreU-1.


Directed and edited by Ana López and Ariadna Rodríguez, students from PreU-1.