Maria Rosa Culell Scholarships for Excellence. 2015-16 In honour of Tatiana Sisquella

Coinciding with St. Peter’s School 50th Anniversary, we are launching the Maria Rosa Culell Scholarships for Excellence, which aim to support those students who have not only an excellent academic performance record but also the attitude and the will to build their own destiny. The lack of economic resources should not hinder this objective. Because of that, these grants are aimed at new students who would like to study Pre-U (Bachillerato) in our school.

Every school year we will dedicate the scholarship to one former pupil who stood out not only for their academic merits but also for other qualities. Tatiana Sisquella is the first former pupil to be thus honoured. St. Peter’s Scholarship for Excellence 2015-16 will bear her name.

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Tatiana graduated from St. Peter’s in 1996 and it was in school concerts and presentations that she discovered her passion for communicating. In fact, it was at school where she started to become a journalist. At the time when she was a student the TV Channel “Teen Channel” was set up and she was one of the presenters! Some years later, she was to present the inaugural ceremony of the new Secondary School building where the students selected for a scholarship will study next year. Enthusiastic and passionate about anything she was involved in, she always offered a critical and fresh point of view. While she was at the school, you could already foresee the kind of person she was going to become.

St. Peter’s Scholarships for Excellence would like to pay homage to those students who, like Tati, strive to fulfil the projects they believe in, struggle for them and, above all, carry them out with passion and enthusiasm. It is for this reason that every school year, a new edition of the scholarships will bear the name of one of our former pupils.

For those students who are already studying at the school, these grants are the opportunity to enrich their learning experience and will help them grow academically and personally.




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