Lights, Camera, Action! Our Alumnus Eric Masip Collaborates with St PETER’S Y10 Students on a Thrilling Short Film

Lights, Camera, Action! Our former student and actor, Eric Masip, is collaborating with St PETER’S Y10 Students during the production of a Short Film directed by Mr. Merín. Together, they have embarked on a creative journey, working on a captivating short film that promises to leave audiences in awe. Last week, the actor visited the school and participated in the recording of some scenes of the project.

In addition to his collaboration on the short film, Eric took the opportunity to address our Year 5 students, who are preparing for their final exhibition. With heartfelt passion, Eric spoke about the importance of following one’s dreams and fearlessly expressing oneself. His words resonated deeply with our young learners, igniting a spark of inspiration that will undoubtedly guide them on their own creative journeys.

Journeying Back to St PETER’S

Stepping back into the familiar hallways and spaces where his own artistic journey began, Eric couldn’t help but be transported to the memories of his earliest days at our school. From a spirited 3-year-old boy filled with boundless energy to the accomplished actor he is today, the echoes of joy and laughter filled the air, reminding us of the transformative power of education and pursuing one’s passions.

🎥✨ Stay tuned for the video premiere of this remarkable creative endeavor! 🎞️🌟



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