Launch of Time Tables Rockstar app

In over 12,000 schools worldwide, TT Rockstars has become the new way to learn time tables. An app that develop great abilities in Primary and Secondary students and makes time tables learning super fun!

Last week at St Peter’s School, was the launch of Time Tables Rockstars. Year 5 and 6 students are competing not only among themselves but also with students around the world.

It is fundamental during Upper school to be able to recall time tables at high speed. Now, with this app in our students hands, they can measure their skills with students around the world and improve the speed by practicing and having fun at the same time.

Competitions between schools

Another important thing that the Maths department supports every year are competitions between schools. Organised by St Peter’s School, the Maths Challenge is a two days competition where the pupils use their Mathematical  knowledge to solve real problems. Using logics,  being quick thinkers and cooperating. You can’t miss the Maths Challenge 2018 on November 29th & 30th.  

Monthly competitions

Every month Y1-Y2 and Y3-Y4 pupils take part in an optional monthly Maths Challenge that helps them review all what they’ve learned. October’s winner Y1-Y2 Xin Yang Ye and Y3-Y4 was Kelly. Both students managed to pass all the tests in great timing.

Cangur competition

One of the most challenging events of the year is the Cangur competition. This Maths competition originated in Australia, today is held all over the world and thousands of students have the opportunity to prove their solving problem skills outside the school. Cangur is an opportunity for some of our best students to compete with some of the best mathematicians in Catalunya and requires not only a high ability in maths but also a high level of commitment.


Three of our students scored
within the 3% of all entries.
From 19.000 students
one of this three
got into the top 0.36%

Cangur requires not only a high ability in maths but also a high level of commitment. This year was the second time we entered the competition and students from Year 5, Year 6, 1ESO and 3ESO who had proven to be motivated and skilled for the test started their preparation and embraced the challenge.

Extremely high results in primary from Gonzalo Barranco, Amir Hellerman and Han Jin, all scoring within the top 3% of all entries. In 3ESO, Andrey Khazanov has won a special certificate with an honourable mention for coming 69th out of nearly 19000 pupils, meaning he is in the top 0.36% of all entries.

On the 20th of March 2019 our students will be part of this amazing experience again. Follow our social media to be informed about this event and all the activities we organise during the school year.



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