Philosophy Olympiad 2019

For 26 years, the International Philosophy Olympiad brings together high school students from around the world to face a great philosophical challenge.

Sofia Medina (Y12 student) has been selected to represent Spain in the International Philosophy Olympiad held this year in Rome on the 16th-19th of May. She is one of the two students from all over Spain who have been awarded for their essay on “Cultural Heritage and citizenship”.

This is the third year in a row that a student from St. Peter’s is selected to participate in the most important philosophy competition worldwide. Last year, Estel Garriga with his essay on the environment lived the experience in Montenegro and in the 2017 edition, Lua Medina managed to represent us in Rotterdam with his essay on tolerance.

With the support of UNESCO and with the aim of developing to develop critical, inquisitive and creative thinking; promote philosophical reflection on science, art and social life; and cultivating the capacity for ethical reflection on problems of the modern world, the International Philosophy Olympiad becomes a project for our high school students every year.



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