In the mood for a film?

Recently in “Cine Club”, one of our newest after school activities, the students have been investigating Genre. 
We spoke about the codes and conventions of different genres and after looking at lots of different trailers we made our own movie posters. Do you think the genre of these two movies is clear from their posters…?
We have also been thinking about the media term Mise-en-scene; which is the composition of each frame or shot including lighting and colour, props, costume, make-up, setting, character positioning, facial expressions and body language.
We looked at a variety of movie stills and then had a go at taking our own mock movie stills. What do you think?
Next up, we will make our own movie trailers using iMovie using everything we have learnt about Mise-en-scene and Genre.
Cine Club – Tuesdays and Thursdays 5-6pm