In loving memory of Maria Rosa Culell, one of the founders of St PETER’S (1934-2023)

With deep sadness, we announce the passing of Maria Rosa Culell, one of the founders of our St PETER’S SCHOOL. Today, we remember and honor her extraordinary life and her pioneering spirit that shaped the school we have today.

Maria Rosa was a woman ahead of her time. Her dedication to education and exceptional capacity to listen, empathise, and show respect to everyone she encountered made her an inspiring role model. Her visionary mindset, together with her husband, the Garriga family and a group of friends that believed in their project, led to the establishment of our school in 1964.

Five years ago, we created the Maria Rosa Culell Scholarship for Excellence as a testament to her legacy. Through this scholarship, we aim to recognise and support students who embody Maria Rosa’s values and demonstrate exceptional potential in their academic pursuits, leadership abilities, and contributions to our school community.