Going anywhere? St. Peter’s Career Advising helps our students design their personal career itinerary [En]

By Teresa Ferrer, University Advisor

International universities of New York, British Columbia, Essex, Kent, or Toronto, Esade Business Management here in Barcelona… These are a few of the universities that have already accepted some of our students in the Diploma Programme. Our Career Advisor is working closer than ever with each of our students and their families. During their Diploma Programme years, it is an exciting and rewarding experience to see how hard our students work and how successful they are at the end of the journey. All our students are accepted at the universities of their choice. 

In order for the last part of the journey to be successful, our advising team starts working with students during our Middle Years Programme, offering advising sessions, workshops, and coaching  to  accompany  them in their journey to career-choosing and University application. 

Curriculum advising is also a core part of the programme, as students need to identify their fields of interest and their future curricular options. During these years, our students also use the Unifrog app, available for them to delve deeper into each of their interests and during University hunting. 

When the moment arrives, our Advisory team helps the student during their application process, gathering documentation, writing letters of recommendations, and preparing a portfolio, among other things. Applying for universities is not an easy process, and it is great to have the guidance of our team of advisers. This year, our DP students have started submitting their applications worldwide, and a few of them have already been accepted.



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